Union Leader endorses Jennifer Horn

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From the Union Leader today:

Horn in the 2nd: A new Republican voice

There are several strong candidates running for the Republican nomination for Congress in New Hampshire's 2nd District. The strongest of the lot is Nashua's Jennifer Horn. We cannot recall a novice candidate so clearly ready to step into the job of representing New Hampshire in Congress.

Horn, a former newspaper columnist and radio talk show host, understands the issues of the day very well. And she comes down on the right side of them, too. We found her views to be well-reasoned and articulate. She understands the need to reduce spending and shrink the size of government, and not just around the edges. She is a strong advocate of tackling the runaway entitlement spending that leads to high taxes and slowed economic growth.

On energy policy, she proposes that government get out of the way and let the market solve the supply problem, which is a wise policy. She supports more nuclear power and domestic oil production as well as making it easier for companies to pursue alternative energy sources.

She is adamant that the government must control our borders and win the War on Terror, including its primary front in Iraq.

And she supports term limits, which is the best reform of Congress we could have.

Horn is up against some quality opponents. State Sen. Bob Clegg, though not as conservative, would be a big improvement over current 2nd District Rep. Paul Hodes. Grant Bosse, former aide to Sen. John Sununu, has an impressive political mind. He would make an excellent representative one day.

But for now, Horn is the best choice for Republicans hoping to recapture the seat and send someone to Washington who would represent core New Hampshire values. She is smart, likable, energetic and solid on the issues. She stands the best chance of beating Paul Hodes this November, and if elected, she would vote the way a New Hampshire representative ought to -- for smaller, more responsible government, a strong national defense and low taxes.

We urge Second District Republicans and independents to vote for Jennifer Horn in the Republican primary on Sept. 9.

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